What is Housing Joint Venture ?

Housing Joint Venture provides education, community, and access to real estate impact investment opportunities.
We allow our members to learn and practice the keys to building generational wealth within a contributive network through community developer projects.

What kind of deals are typically found on Housing Joint Venture?

Our deals vary from single family, duplexes, apartments and mixed use development in the midwestern United States.

Do you have a sample deal that I can view?

Absolutely. Visit our case studies.

How will I know how my money is performing? What does the communication and reporting look like?

All investors have access to personalized account statements.

Who will manage the properties?

Housing Joint Venture is a vertically integrated company that manages property in house. We use software to replace paper and cash.

Are the properties vacant or occupied?

Properties listed on Housing Joint Venture may be vacant, occupied or somewhere in between. Every deal listed on Housing Joint Venture specifically details its occupancy level at the time of acquisition. Regardless of the occupancy status, we specialize in value-added opportunities and focus on deals that have upside potential that can be derived from physical improvements, increased occupancy or improved management.

How do you evaluate the vitality of the neighborhood the projects are in?

We use prudent economic indicators to evaluate the neighborhoods surrounding Housing Joint Venture projects and factor that into the deal underwriting. Industry standards in city planning and real estate development offer insights into a number of factors, including:

Employment rates.
Industries represented.
Neighborhood demographics.
Proximity to stable infrastructure (schools, hospitals, government entities).

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum investment amount is USD $7,500. (Seven thousand five hundred)

What are the requirements to be able to invest?

Housing Joint Venture investors must meet the requirements of an accredited investor. There are two ways to qualify:
  • Have annual individual income in excess of $200,000, or joint income with spouse of $300,000, for the previous 2 years with expectation of earning the same or higher income
  • Net worth of $1 Million excluding one’s primary residence
If you meet these requirements and are ready to get started, click here to get join.

How many deals can I invest in?

As many as you like! As long as you meet the accredited investor criteria, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you on as many deals as you would like.

How often can I expect to see a deal posted on the platform?

Ah, the joys of real estate investing! We cannot say for sure how often deals will be posted as it takes time to identify willing sellers and agree on terms appropriate for investment. When a new deal is live for investment on the platform, we send members an email alerting them that shares are available for purchase.
As you wait for a deal, we recommend the following:
  • Educate yourself on real estate investing by visiting our library
  • Transfer funds into your Housing Joint Venture account so you are ready to invest as soon as the next deal is live

How are the projected rental amounts determined?

We base our projected rental amounts on publicly available data for comparable units on the market within a 1-2 mile radius of the property.

Why do you focus on investment opportunities in the midwestern United States?

Housing Joint Venture is a platform to facilitate value-added alternative investments. We find that real estate values in the midwestern United States are some of the best in the world. We can consistently find and acquire properties that gross in excess of 1% of their market value, monthly.

What if I am not well educated on real estate investing. Are there resources where I can learn more?

We absolutely want you to feel educated and comfortable with your decision to invest with Housing Joint Venture.
Visit the Housing Joint Venture Library to learn about the benefits of real estate investing, tax advantages and terminology to acquaint yourself with the industry.

Do I have to be a US citizen to invest with Housing Joint Venture?

No! In fact, we welcome foreign investors. As long as you meet the accredited investor requirements, we welcome your investment in a Housing Joint Venture project.

Does Housing JV accept Crypto as payment?

Yes. Simply send us an email prior to your transaction.