Young Married Women Choose Gated Community Living Rather than Individual Homes

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So finally, you have decided to take the plunge and buy a home of your own. You are both excited and nervous at the same time. Buying a home often evokes mixed feelings in people. While it gives you a sense of accomplishment, you have the onerous task of choosing the right property and arranging the finances. The flood of options today has only complicated the decision-making process. The feeling of buyer’s remorse can be quite strong with a big-ticket property purchase.

A possible way out of this dilemma could be to look for a home that suits the needs & tastes of your family. Women, in particular, may have a different perspective and look at property buying from a distinct angle. Off late, there has been a steady rise in the number of successful & financially independent women buying their own properties. A cozy home in a gated community can be the perfect abode for married women who want to smoothly straddle their professional & personal lives.

Choosing to Live in a Gated Community:

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Once you decide on buying a home, you start deliberating on how your dream home should be. Should you buy a readymade flat/apartment? Is it better to buy a vacant plot of land and then construct a house? How would life be in that uber-luxurious gated community project that my friend was going gaga over? While budget is indeed a decisive factor, living in a gated community can tick all the boxes if you can loosen your purse strings. It provides you with the perfect blend of safety, luxury, and high-return prospects that individual homes cannot deliver.

Advantages of a Gated Community to Women:

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A gated community is a residential community that is bound by strong walls & fences. Access to the community is controlled strictly and closed to the general public. This gives the residents of the community a feeling of security & exclusivity that is typically not available in other types of residential properties.

Due to its unique design, a gated community can offer several advantages to young married women. These benefits are listed as under:

#1: High Safety & Security

This is probably the most important feature and benefit of a gated community project. It is guarded around the clock by a team of highly trained security staff. Entry is strictly prohibited to the general public, and traffic movement is restricted. High-tech surveillance systems are installed to monitor internal activities and prevent theft, robberies, and mishaps. With rising incidences of crime against women, their security aspect carries a huge premium.

#2: Convenient Location

Builders take great pains in choosing the right location for their premium residential projects. A good gated community complex is often situated in close proximity to workplaces, shopping centers, schools, and entertainment zones. This convenience is highly beneficial to work women who are always short of time due to their multiple responsibilities. Saving an hour of commute twice a day can provide them with a huge sense of relief & comfort.